Our Passion

To inspire our community to understand the benefits of eating real, wholefoods that respect our bodies, animals and the environment.

Our Mission

To create delicious and healthy eats from sustainable and ethically sourced plant based wholefoods.

What is a Buddha Bowl?

Buddha Bowls are dishes filled with colourful veggies, grains, protein, greens, dressings, herbs and spices combined to create a visual and taste sensation.

What is Plant Based Cuisine?

Plant based meals are based on foods derived from vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits.

Why Organic?

Chemicals and pesticides are detrimental to our health and damaging to the environment. We choose organically grown produce whenever possible because it is good for your health and also nurtures the environment through natural and sustainable farming methods.

Why Fairtrade?

You may notice some of our products are Certified Fairtrade, created by farmers and workers who are treated fairly and paid accordingly.

Fairtrade = Respect.